• The Eastern Partnership: success or failure of the EU?

    Discussing 'The Eastern Partnership: success or failure of the EU?'

  • The State of Europe's Health Care

    Discussing 'The State of Europe's Health Care'

  • Counterfeiting and product safety

    New Direction's President Geoffrey Van Orden MBE MEP adresses business leaders and opinion formers at a conference in Milan on 27 September 2013.

  • The Privatisation Goldmine

    Europe's privatisation goldmine

  • Presenting the European solidarity manifesto

    Presenting the European solidarity manifesto

  • Tax and the economic crisis

    Tax and the economic crisis

  • Minister of State for Business and Enterprise The Rt Hon Michael Fallon MP was a keynote speaker at a launch of a new study published by New Direction looking into reality of collaborative defence equipment projects, particularly in relation to aircraft. The future of the UK’s aerospace industry and wider industrial strategy was the topic of Minister’s speech held 29 October 2012 at The Army & Navy Club in London.

  • A Fresh German Perspective on the eurocrisis and its implications for the UK

    German Professor of public finance and economy and a critic of the eurozone bailouts Markus C. Kerber shared his views on the on-going eurocrisis and its implications for the UK during a discussion organised by New Direction at the Institute of Directors in London 27 September 2012.

  • Turkey at a Crossroads

    Professor Dr. Gülnur Aybet’s lecture on Turkey’s alliances and new strategic outlook held on 11 April 2012 in Brussels attracted a vast and versitile audience. In light of the latest developments in Syria Dr. Aybet observed that “hesitation is bad enough in the realm of politics, like inertia and inaction to intervene – today over Syria, yesterday over Bosnia”.

  • New Direction published on 6 March 2012 in London a new study analysing the EU’s reaction to the financial crisis – EU’s Runaway Train. The launch was kindly hosted by the City of London Corporation at Guildhall. The opening remarks were delivered by Sir Michael Snyder.

  • How to Improve Europe’s Competitiveness?

    Shane Frith, director of New Direction attended on 3 February a joint seminar with Raggruppamento Europa Sociale, an Italian think tank, in Milan to discuss ways to improve Europe’s competitiveness.  Shane argued for deregulation of labour markets and cutting of red tape to ease the process of business formation.

  • New Direction at CPAC 2012

    New Direction – The Foundation for European Reform hold a fringe event “Defending The Thatcher-Reagan Legacy in Europe” during the 2012 Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington DC 8-10 February. Among the speakers were President of New Direction Geoffrey Van Orden MBE, MEP, Vice-President Derk Jan Eppink MEP and Luke Coffey, Margaret Thatcher Fellow at The Heritage Foundation.

  • New Direction hold on 7 December 2011 in Brussels a lecture by Professor Hans-Olaf Henkel, a leading German businessman and economist, the former President of the Federation of German Industries. During his speech Henkel called for the splitting of the Eurozone into northern and southern parts to improve the competitiveness of the weaker countries and to prevent inflation. “We leave the Euro where it is, you do not kick Greece out but four countries – Austria, Finland, Germany and the Netherlands – leave and create a new currency, the working name is the Northern Euro. By doing this we would achieve two effects: a strong revaluation of the Northern Euro and the remaining 13 countries would devalue,” said Henkel.

  • Professor Dr. Marcus C. Kerber, the initiator of the legal challenge against bailouts of the sinking eurozone countries, attracted nearly hundred people to the New Direction headquarters in Brussels on 21 September 2011. According to Kerber, the mostly political experiment called the euro in its current form is effectively over. He strongly criticised the European Central Bank for its bond buying action, warned against inflation and questioned the sustainability of public debt in Germany, which is expected to cover most of the eurozone insolvency problems. He also called for a debate on the reshaping of the Eurozone. “If we cannot trim the eurozone [make Greece leave] to make it survive then the only chance for the surplus countries to survive and to fight the trend of further inflating bailouts will be to leave the Eurozone,” said Kerber.

  • New Direction supported discussion with a Flemish journalist Johan Van Overtveldt held in the European Parliament on 21 September 2011.  Mr.  Van Overtveldt is the editor-in-chief of Knack, Flanders’ leading weekly magazine and author of a book called ‘The End of the Euro: the Uneasy Future of the European Union’. Together with Mr. Van Overtveldt debated the president of New Direction Geoffrey van Orden MBE MEP and the vice president Derk Jan Eppink MEP.